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Q-Max Electronics Sheel Metal Punches are 100% British and proud of it.

Supplied and used all over the world - their punchesare the easiest and quickest way of punching holes in sheet metal (up to 1.625mm mild steel)

These punches offer a quick and easy way to cut clean holes in sheet metal up to 16 gauge. The special design allows for an even load during cutting and produces a burr free hole needing no extra finishing. All punches are sold singly without key, which should be ordered separately.

To use these punches they need to be dismantled then a hole drilled through the sheet, which must be 2mm greater than the diameter of the Allen screw, large enough to clear the Allen screw.

Thread the punch onto the Allen screw and then pass the Allen screw through the hole.

Position the die on top of the die nut and then screw the die nut onto the projecting Allen screw until it touches the metal sheet.

Use an Allen key to turn the Allen screw. The screw will pull the punch through the metal and a hole will result.

Please note these instructions apply to cutters up to 15mm in size, for cutters 15mm and over have a different configuration. Notably they have fewer components, in the larger cutters the thread is in the punch and thus there is no die nut.

These sheetmetal punches are available in Metric and Imperial sizes.